Swallow-Tailed Kite Trailhead

Richard E. Cameron Sr. & Volunteers Wilderness Preserve
Cameron Preserve Entrance Sign
Cameron Preserve Entrance Sign

Located at the northern end of Corey Road, the Swallow-Tailed Kite Trailhead offers users a place to enter the Richard  E.Cameron Sr. & Volunteers Nature Preserve (also known as the Cameron Preserve). The Cameron Preserve is 100 acres of preserve owned and maintained by the Town of Malabar. 

The Richard E.Cameron Sr. & Volunteers Wilderness Preserve was purchased by the Florida Communities Trust Preservation 2000 Program in cooperation with the Town of Malabar. It is maintained by the Town of Malabar for public enjoyment as a passive park.

Signage of the new Yellow Trail in Cameron Preserve is now in place and users are already following the East / West recommended direction of travel. Hikers and mountain bikers are asked to travel in the direction of the signage arrows.  Equestrian users are asked to travel in the opposite direction so that hiker and mountain bikers do not approach a horse from behind.  This major effort to clearly mark single direction travel is intended on creating a safer experience for the many users of Cameron Preserve trails.  Careful planning went into the design with the intent on having a smooth flow to connecting trails within Cameron Preserve as well as to connecting trails in the EELs program managed preservation areas of both Malabar Scrub Sanctuary East & West.  The Trails &Greenways Committee thanks all those involved in this effort and appreciates your cooperation in making this a smooth transition.