Malabar Newsletters

The Town of Malabar got its 1st official Post Office and name on December 24,1883 when R.A. Ward was named Postmaster by President Chester A. Arthur. Two times a week, the mail boat that travelled down the intracoastal waterway from Jacksonville, would deliver the mail to the palmetto shack post office along the river bank at Malabar. The mail was dumped on the counter for the population of 25 to shuffle through. With the coming of the railroad, in 1893, the mail boat was no longer needed.

In continuing on with this storied past, Malabar has traditionally sent a yearly publication called "The Mailboat" to its residents to keep them informed. More recently, Malabar has begun postinga monthly newsletter in the Hometown News paper. To recieve these newsletters, please subcribe to this page, or to the Hometown News e-subscription (Here)