Business Tax Receipts (Occupational License)

The Town of Malabar is happy to offer an online portal where you can apply for a new BTR, or pay for BTR renewals with the push of a button! Follow this link to begin the process today!

Once you have clicked on the link;

Follow these easy steps to Renew a License:

  1. Scroll to the fourth (4th) panel of the page, titled "Search Existing BTRs" and click on the magnifying glass. 
  2. Click in the Search By box and select option to search by.
  3. Choose appropriate Business Tax Receipt.
  4. To pay for your fees, please search for your BTR by BTR # or by business address and click on Submit Payment.
  5. With any questions please call town hall (321) 727-7764.

Follow these easy steps to apply for a new BTR:

  1. Scroll to the fifth (5th) panel of the page, titles "BTR Application" and select either a Home BTR or a Commercial BTR.
  2. Complete the form provided, and hit the "Submit" button at the bottom of the page.
  3. Town Staff will review the application for completeness, and then request payment via email or telephone. Payments can be completed by following the steps to renew a license, as seen above.